Another little fixed gear documentary [video]

People who have never tried a fixed gear, will not understand what is special about it.

Once they try, an opinion is possible and an eventual switch from gears to fixed wheel.

Of course, not everyone will like the fact that riding such bicycle requires more anticipation and attention than a standard road bike.



#Exeter – Velo Vintage 6th Edition [video] – #cycles

In addition to previous article regarding Velo Vintage in Exeter, see below a short film about the 6th Occasion & Ride, which took place on 29th November 2014.

Discover @stoopidtall: World’s Tallest Rideable Bicycle

World’s Tallest Rideable Bicycle video.

There have been more modifications since the filming of this video. The new specs are:
Height: 20ft 2.5 inches
Weight: Over 200lbs
Material: Steel
Drivetrain: Uses 8 bicycle chains, 2 bottom brackets, and 3 chainrings
Brakes: Coaster Brake
Wheels: 36″ Monster Cruiser Wheelset
Labor: 100+ Hours

There is also the “raw footage” HERE.