A little something from @howies

The other day was a grey day (…another one…), but social media always brings people together – an online community who can share similar ideas/opinions/views/passions.

Twitter is that useful tool which is a way to connect and interact instantly.

After a few # here and there and a last @ someone – a new interaction appeared with @howies.

For the ones who aren’t sure what howies is about…just visit their website HERE – this might also give you some gift ideas for Christmas or even Birthdays throughout 2014.

Howies - About

So, a little something appeared in the post… something promotional that a lot of fixed gear riders always enjoy… a handful of various S T I C K E R S to decorate helmet, frame or wheels.

Thank you to howies!

howies stickers - various shapes (tilt-shift)howies stickers - wheel