#Cycling: everything is important

Purchasing a bicycle is something special. A bike is a rather personal object.

First, there is the make/builder as well as the colour and style. Will it be a road/racing bicycle or a mountain bike? Some prefer to go for a touring bicycle depending on the ambition and type of cycling.

Whatever you decide to go for, you want it to be the right thing with the right feel.

Even when it comes to get a fixed gear (probably the simpliest of all because no derailleur and the eventual front brake), the rides have to be comfortable whether it is for an urban commute or a longer ride.

Once the model is established, it is about “the bits“. Whatever style you decide to go for it can become complicated and exciting at the same time.

Imagine that you have this nice looking thing giving you the opportunity to go wherever you want, whenever you wish! But some details aren’t exactly matching your personality or a different saddle would be better for your well being and posture or just a louder bell?!

All can be adjusted and/or changed. There is no real limit. Buy a cheap(er) bicycle and amend whatever is not right without forgetting the essential accessories such as decent helmet, visibility jacket, gloves, front & back lights for a start.

According to your budget, flexibility can be possible.

Of course, some people are more cyclists than riders. What is the difference?

  1. A cyclist is generally a person with all the equipment – mainly the lycra thing and everything is matching: brand and colours. All this can be (very) pricey.
  2. A rider is more a person who likes to ride not caring too much whether he/she looks cool/trendy as long as there is a fun side.

Let’s be clear here, cyclists and riders aren’t enemies. It is just a different “breed“. We could compare this with joggers and runners…maybe?

Anyway, it is clear to identify.

The other association with cyclists is the coffee pit stop.

Rapha has created coffee cups and even a limited edition espresso machine because “apparently” cyclists like such drink… or do they actually drink it to give them a boost?

Rapha rocket espresso machine

Rapha rocket espresso machine

Rapha Limited Edition coffee machine

Rapha Limited Edition coffee machine

Here is an article giving some explanations. All this is not that new.

 …The legendary Eddy Merckx rode for Faema for his first dominant Tour de France victory in 1968. Faema is an acronym for Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettromeccaniche e Affini but Belgian cycling fans said it stood for Faites Attention, Eddy Merckx Arrive (Look out, Eddy Merckx is coming)…

Cyclist Eddy Merckx Faema

Cyclist Eddy Merckx Faema

A good hit of caffeine will certainly help to get that kick for a few extra miles and the independent artisan coffee roaster is able to make the green beans appealing to the right crowd. Coffee is (initially) a fruit and then it becomes a science. Alternatively, you can opt for protein drinks.

When taking the road/cyclepath for a few miles (whatever the distance and itinerary) it is important to be happy with the steed and all details about it. An aluminium/steel/carbon frame won’t give you the same results: it is all about the rigidity and/or shocks’ absorption without forgetting the weight which can play a major role if racing.

Overall, what counts is to obtain what you are after. Quality is what everyone wants and the actual difference between bikes and ways of riding can be seen as irrelevant, but it isn’t.

When cycling, everything is important.


Faster, stronger, higher for @exeterBMXclub

BMX is part of the single speed community. Exeter Eagles is based (according to their website) on Cofton Rd Marsh Barton Trading Estate – Exeter EX2 8QW.

If you follow their twitter account (@exeterBMXclub) you might have seen that a few articles have been recently published because the club celebrated the completion of works to develop their track and facilities.

Funding is always needed and harder to get. Thankfully, the members of this BMX club are over the moon because “the track is now a centre of excellence with riders coming from all over the South West to compete and practice.” (Source Express & Echo)

Where does this funding coming from then? A local business dealing with skip hire from Exmouth to Barnstaple and in fact covering the Southwest has decided to go forward and support this sport too often ignored.

This is not the first time Coastal Recycling has been involved in the community – read more HERE.

Coastal Recycling Community banner

Coastal Recycling Community banner

Coastal is doing great work and ninety five percent of the waste collected is recycled.

There are two landfills around Exeter, which are managed by Coastal Recycling.

As stated by the local paper “When waste is deposited at landfill sites, tax must be charged for each tonne. This tax must be paid to the Government, however Coastal Recycling are allowed to retain a small percentage and can then distribute this by way of a grant to local community groups.

Overall a win-win situation which helps the planet and local projects. Some might say “what goes around, comes around“.

This is how it works and it is rather pleasing to see and hear that Devon communities are aware of keeping our countryside and cityscape as clean as possible. This is where everything starts. It is not hard but it is all about taking the right attitude.

Exeter Eagles BMX

Exeter Eagles BMX

So, now you know how it all happened. And why not, if you are running a club or community in need of support, a local company could be able to partially finance the initial idea.

It is by communicating that things can take place. It is only when asking and presenting a fully detailed project that something is achievable. Never look too far because the answer might be at your doorstep. This is what a community is about.

Safety on 2 wheels with style: foldable helmet

Buying a bicycle is great. But thinking of all essential accessories is important too, especially if riding day and night.

Front and back lights, high-visibility jacket and helmet should be on the top three shopping list.

Fixed Gear Costs and Accessories

infographic Source

A few months back, foldable helmets have been available providing protection and that extra practicality of carrying it everywhere with no hassle.

See below a short video about the Carrera product.