#fixedgear rider @PatrickSeabase and Col du Galibier [video]

Too many people believe that riding a fixed gear bicycle is no fun… just try it!

It is a bit harder but the control of the machine is unique.

It is always possible to adjust the ratio to your style.

Going downhill could be even harder than going uphill – depending on your experience and speed. Legs are controlling everything!

Patrick Seabase shows us that even riding the Col du Galibier is possible with a fixie.


Discover @8bar_bikes – Fixed Alpcross [video]

…4 guys, 4 days, 400 km and 4.000m in height. These are the milestones for the 8bar FIXED ALPCROSS.
In summer 2012 the 8bar team needed a new challenge. That’s how the idea came up to cross the alps with their Fixed Gear bikes…

Read the full diary HERE.

Time for almost 18 minutes (17:59) of a visual escapism on fixed gear.