Organising #BikeFilmNight in #Exeter

For the ones who never heard or been to BikeFilmNight – here is a short definition:

It is a casual and relaxed evening where films – mainly about fixed gear – are screened. It is about getting the Exeter cycling community (on fixed gear or not) under one roof for a couple of hours or so. The cost of a seat is generally a few Pounds (usually less than a fiver). The money taken goes to a charity not to One Gear Exeter.

In the past (since November 2012), the event took place at Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre in the cosy Blackbox space. 40 seats would receive the audience.


There were also a handful of local businesses able to show their products/services before and after the projection such as:

  • No Guts No Glory,
  • Bikelands,
  • Magic Bike Mike,
  • Alistair Cope (Velo Vintage),

as well as Dave Noakes and Juliet Elliott representing Coven Magazine and ready to interact about various things linked to fixies as both have been bike messengers in London.

Now it is time to change venue just because it is time to change venue. Always good to find different places – which doesn’t mean that it won’t happen again at The Phoenix.

This is where the real venture, battle actually starts.

Exeter can be difficult… Emails have been sent, meetings and chats happened to find a free space with projection equipment (projector, screen, computer…) and 40+ seats. Exeter has offices/boardrooms and other spaces with such installations! Just thinking of the new Exeter Library Rougemont Room with all facilities needed. However, the price for this room is a daily rate which can reach around ¬£180! And well, it is not exactly open after 7pm anyway…

Having had various discussions with local theatres, pubs and other places, it seems that there is a rate to pay to have this type of evening! However, why having to pay a fee when 100 percent (and not only the benefits) of the money taken is going to a charity – all cash taken at the bar is in fact kept by the actually place hosting that evening! Exeter can be difficult to get the point of BikeFilmNight. Once again, One Gear Exeter is not a business and doesn’t make money but in fact drags 40+ people into their space. The winner is the host and it is great and free advertising too.

You would think that a local business would be more than happy to shelter such cycling event where everyone is welcome to watch short films/documentaries about fixed gear culture without being pretentious.

All this to explain why Exeter hasn’t had a BikeFilmNight meetup since September 2014.

Fear not, as there are a couple of quirky venues which are rather interested to receive BikeFilmNight. Date, time, address will be revealed in due course… just be patient (or try).

Thank you and follow #BikeFilmNight on Twitter for the updates.

Cycle and Films

Cycle and Films


The #Devon version of @tweedrun is @velo_vintage

A lot of cyclists have heard about The Tweed Run. It is basically about riding (ideally) a vintage bicycle with stylish clothes such as tweed suits, flat caps, plus fours or alpaca coats…etc

Tweed Run EtiquetteDevonshire has its own gathering it is called Velo Vintage.

Velo Vintage - The Strand Exmouth

Velo Vintage – The Strand Exmouth

It is not the first time that Velo Vintage is taking place; it will in fact be the 5th event. Check that little video below about December 2013 fun day.

It seems that people like that trip in the past for a day or two – are we missing something despite of all the technology? Vintage stores are also blossoming and there is a real passion to search for that rare and unique accessory which will bring something special to the garment or the bike too.

Vintage is not just a movement – it is a lifestyle as well. People have a real interest in recycling clothes and spare parts (bikes, bicycles, classic cars) to give them that kind of rebirth.

Spending a day on the bicycle and traveling back in time, away from the daily stress and forgetting for a few hours smartphones, social media and everything digital is actually very good to empty your mind and it gives the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion: a breath of fresh air.

The man behind Velo Vintage is Alistair Cope known for a few adventures involving bicycles/canoe/penny farthing. It is always for charity @HeadwayDevon.

…supporting people with acquired brain injuries in Devon and Torbay…

Velo Vintage - "Albert" Penny Farthing

Velo Vintage – “Albert” Penny Farthing

Sponsorships from Ringtons and ongoing local support from Bikelands and MagicBikeMike gives this day out on two wheels a real feel of community between participants.

It is not too late you join in on Sunday 15th June 2014 – see dedicated page HERE – just a few Guineas for a great day in the English countryside and a packed programme from 9.30am to 10pm.

Devon Cream Tea

Devon Cream Tea