#BikeFilmNight 16th September 2014 – 7pm #Exeter

BikeFilmNight is becoming a regular meetup for cycling fans.

It is still taking place at Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre in the BlackBox with around 40 seats. So it is rather intimate and allows people to interact easily before and after the films.

What’s on?

Five films – 90 minutes approx duration.

Without revealing too much, there are first 3 shorts films (a kind of morning routine for a fixed gear rider and a follow-up of Macaframa and then it is off to Scotland for a quick ride with two avid cyclists named Dave Hall & James Wright for a notorious climb that starts in Lennoxtown and twists it’s way 7 miles towards Gonachan Cottage).

The featured film (56 minutes) is about a student cycling – on a fixie – from Madrid to Budapest which takes him through France, Italy…etc – where he meets other riders/friends. A fantastic road trip full of surprises and fun.

BIkeFilmNight September 2014 - Road Trip

BIkeFilmNight September 2014 – Road Trip

But this is not all. Last but not least is about speed and being fast on a handmade bespoke fixed gear.

BikeFilmNight September 2014 - Fixed Gear

BikeFilmNight September 2014 – Fixed Gear

For this social cycling evening the flat rate is just £3.00. The ticket price will pay for the cost of the room and use of equipment. All leftover will go to a local charity. As a reminder OneGearExeter is not a business and making money is not on the list.

If you wish to attend this special evening contact directly Exeter Phoenix Box Office in order to book your ticket (01392 667080).

BikeFilmNight September 2014


#BikeFilmNight 20th May 2014 – 7pm #Exeter

Just a few months after February 2014 #BikeFilmNight – here is the 4th Edition.

The evening will take place in the same location: Exeter Phoenix cosy/intimate Blackbox.

Around 40 seats – tickets are necessary to access the screening and must be booked with Exeter Phoenix Box Office – FREE event as usual.

Which kind of films will be screened this time?

Well…it will be a mixed bag. Because last edition was 100 percent fixed gear this one will have:

  • a film/documentary about the Tour of Britain (60 min),
  • a gritty black and white fixed gear short film (17 min) – slightly similar to “Line Of Sight“,
  • a short and funny film about a man and his bike (3 min shot with a GoPro).

BikeFilmNight May 2014

Overall almost 90 minutes of cycling films.

Illustration by Joe Waldron

In the same spirit of the previous social cycling evenings, it will be at 7.00pm sharp.

Gritty Black and White Fixed Gear BikeFilmNight

No one likes to wait and if you are late you will just have to come in and find a seat. As it is over an hour long, you might want to grab your drink from the Phoenix Bar beforehand… unless you prefer to have many drinks…this is up to you, of course.

BikeFilmNight May 2014 Poster

Thank you as well for this unique poster by Niaski – her illustrations have been part of #BikeFilmNight since the start of these screenings. The kind of graphic design matching the relaxed gathering about cycles and films.

BikeFilmNight Exeter Short GoPro

As a reminder OneGearExeter is not a business but simply a community (mainly) about fixed gear and single speed – however, everyone is welcome – even if you are a rider with a derailleur and all the jersey/lycra outfits. It is about pedal power and traveling using a frame, two wheels and meeting other (new) people who share the same passion. There is nothing to win not even some kind of advertising fridge magnets (unless some sponsors/manufacturers are willing to give away goodie bags – stickers are always great to give a personal touch to helmets and bikes) – the only thing to gain is expanding your network of friends who like to go for a few miles within the urban/country landscapes.

Hopefully, some rides will take place this year. Riding for fun without racing is the aim. No particular itinerary or plan…there is no leader within the group. In other words, everyone/anyone can decide which route to take and there is no obligation to cycle for hours. It is a free for all drop-in cycle ride with various stops when needed to make sure everyone in the group is happy with the pace. Riders have to take their responsibility for their own actions – same goes with wearing safety equipment…etc

Anyway, We are all waiting for these sunny days but in the meantime, get ready for the 4th Edition of Exeter BikeFilmNight… Tuesday 20th May 2014 – 7pm Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre.