The #Devon version of @tweedrun is @velo_vintage

A lot of cyclists have heard about The Tweed Run. It is basically about riding (ideally) a vintage bicycle with stylish clothes such as tweed suits, flat caps, plus fours or alpaca coats…etc

Tweed Run EtiquetteDevonshire has its own gathering it is called Velo Vintage.

Velo Vintage - The Strand Exmouth

Velo Vintage – The Strand Exmouth

It is not the first time that Velo Vintage is taking place; it will in fact be the 5th event. Check that little video below about December 2013 fun day.

It seems that people like that trip in the past for a day or two – are we missing something despite of all the technology? Vintage stores are also blossoming and there is a real passion to search for that rare and unique accessory which will bring something special to the garment or the bike too.

Vintage is not just a movement – it is a lifestyle as well. People have a real interest in recycling clothes and spare parts (bikes, bicycles, classic cars) to give them that kind of rebirth.

Spending a day on the bicycle and traveling back in time, away from the daily stress and forgetting for a few hours smartphones, social media and everything digital is actually very good to empty your mind and it gives the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion: a breath of fresh air.

The man behind Velo Vintage is Alistair Cope known for a few adventures involving bicycles/canoe/penny farthing. It is always for charity @HeadwayDevon.

…supporting people with acquired brain injuries in Devon and Torbay…

Velo Vintage - "Albert" Penny Farthing

Velo Vintage – “Albert” Penny Farthing

Sponsorships from Ringtons and ongoing local support from Bikelands and MagicBikeMike gives this day out on two wheels a real feel of community between participants.

It is not too late you join in on Sunday 15th June 2014 – see dedicated page HERE – just a few Guineas for a great day in the English countryside and a packed programme from 9.30am to 10pm.

Devon Cream Tea

Devon Cream Tea



#Exeter #BikeFilmNight [poster] and a few words

To complete a previous article about the forthcoming BikeFilmNight there is a great poster/illustration by Niaski.

OneGearExeter BikeFilmNight 18th Feb 2014

Choosing films for a special event is never that easy because with an almost permanent access to the internet, it can be a real headache. What will the audience expect? There must be a right balance between the various short films.

Action is needed but fun too, or you will go home after the screening completely drained and eventually confused.

Such evening is to gather around the same passion and eventually chat afterwards about future/potential activities.

There is nothing formal – it is not about a Powerpoint presentation or speech about “how to….“.

The Exeter Phoenix Black Box is not that big (40 seats) BUT it gives this unique and special feel of sharing something special between just a few of us.

…It is an intimate and self contained space ideal for smaller scale presentations, product launches or meetings. This space is also suitable for screenings or small scale performances… Source

Exeter Phoenix Black box

Having a community of cyclists or riders – mainly fixed gear or single speed – but not being a cycling club is the main point. It is possible to race by joining various organisations within the Southwest and Devon – but OneGearExeter is “…just a ride – not a race…“.

Having a bicycle without derailleur and gears is just another way of riding which really gives a different feeling and vision of what is around – whether in the countryside or in the city. There is THAT unique connection. Hard to explain to someone who never tried a fixed gear. The maintenance is considerably easier too: the newly produced Nutter multi tool is just what cyclists like, because “less is more” and it does the job!

Of course, the structure is the same as another bike: frame, wheels, saddle, handlebars. But… the end product is way more minimal and lighter too. A kind of beauty because of a simple design and often owners are giving a personal touch by purchasing several accessories such as a Brooks saddle, H Plus Son wheel sets or carbon forks.

The initial price of a fixed gear is very affordable… what will hit the budget are all the little “bits“, which will give “the machine” that special finish: stronger chain and chain tensioner, combined chain whip lockring, cycling jacket and gloves… etc

cycling-accessories-and-tools - infographic

Anyway, if you wish to attend that BikeFilmNight on Tuesday 18th February 2014 7pm at Exeter Phoenix (please contact the Box Office).

You just need to respect one rule: turn up with your free ticket (no ticket – no seat) and enjoy the ride.