#FixedGear short #film by @RaechelHarding

Our Society/World has something for everyone. Forget the stereotypes of who does what. This is also applicable for riding fixed gear bikes.

Raechel Harding‘s short film about girls on fixie in Melbourne (Australia), shows us that yes indeed… girls too can ride such bicycles and this is not just a male thing!!!

Strangely, people (like to) assume that such or such activity/job is more for men than women and vice-versa.

Time to be open minded – categorizing is so 20th century.


#FixedGear Melbourne [video]

Whether you are in London, New York, San Francisco or Down Under…fixed gear is there and it is easy to join that cycling community…because there is no competition between riders.

It is about sharing this passion and fun which makes a fixie unique.