The second life of bicycle parts

It is always great and exciting to buy a new bicycle – with or without gears. It is even more enjoyable to re-use some old parts to build a new bike.

How many of us have been out for a group cycle ride and one of the riders has a puncture because of broken glass in the middle of the road/path? This is (usually) directly linked to people’s not thinking about our environment. It is a constant hassle and after a few repairs new tyres and inner tubes are necessary.

Living in the Southwest of England, it is important to preserve beautiful landscapes such as Dartmoor, Exmoor, country lanes or seafronts. Chucking what is not wanted into the nature is not the way forward. It is not that difficult to put back in your musette, camel back or rucksack leftovers such as banana skins, sweets wrapping, kitchen foil and plastic bottles!

Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy

But too often, a simple fall could be more serious simply because of glass splinter on the tarmac.

Some companies are experts in recycling and collecting waste, because this needs to be managed professionally – especially for the well being of the unique Jurassic Coast. It can be rather depressing to see in a front garden/yard an old bath tub, sofa, boiler or broken down washing machine rusting for months.

Some people even go out at night to drop what is “in their way” on some local beaches. This is certainly worse than leaving everything outside a house. Nowadays it is straight forward to hire a skip whether you are in Exmouth, Exeter, Plymouth or even Barnstaple in the North of the County  – does the lot whether for business or residential recycling services.

Domestic and Business Skip Hire Infographic

Domestic and Business Skip Hire Infographic

Alternatively, transforming products is another solution: velo-re is good at it.

We make unique handmade belts and accessories from recycled bicycle tyres, inner tubes, windsurf sails and other materials we can find and make into something use full…

Tyre Belts by velo-re

Tyre Belts by velo-re

Exeter also has a couple of handy people who can help out when your bicycle needs that unusual spare part either for a vintage or very rare cycle:

A bicycle is not just for Christmas or a birthday.

Recycling is simple. It is always pleasing to be able to make some new items from a partially unrideable bike – for instance earrings from a lock-ring:

Lock-ring earring

Lock-ring earring

There is no limit to your imagination. Just look at the almost legendary sign from the Rusty Bike.

Rusty Bike Pub Exeter

Rusty Bike Pub Exeter


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