#BikeFilmNight 15th July 2014 – 7pm #Exeter – @ep_digital

This will be the 5th Edition of Exeter’s own and unique #BikeFilmNight.

The previous evening was more dedicated to road cyclists and racers, but this time it will focus on more action and…fixed gear in the urban landscape.

No panic though…there will be the usual mix bag of films:

  • Moutain bike short documentary about an incredible challenge
  • Fixed gear film with various portraits of riders
  • Vintage documentary (1955) about the fun & joy of cycling
BikeFilmNight July 2014 poster

BikeFilmNight July 2014 poster

If you wish to attend this screening, the procedure is as usual. Get in touch with Exeter Phoenix Box Office (01392 667080). The event is free but it is essential to get your ticket(s) to access the Blackbox (limited to 40 seats due to fire regulations).

It will start at 7pm sharp. About 90 minutes of films on the programme.

Mountain bike challenge

Mountain bike challenge

Fixed gear rider

Fixed gear rider

Cycling in Britain (1955)

Cycling in Britain (1955)

The past editions also had some local businesses/retailers displaying their products (No Guts No Glory, Bikelands, Magic Bike Mike) –  available to answer queries and give guidance about spare parts or other good deals.

Juliet Elliott and Dave Noakes also gave their time to be part of some screenings and brought copies of Coven Magazine.

BikeFilmNight Exeter

BikeFilmNight Exeter

Everyone likes freebies, but it is not that easy these days to get something from manufacturers, because even it is seen as a kind of advertising,  there is still a cost behind it. Chapeau supplied badges, chamois cream and a couple of cycling caps too.

Recently, Alistair Cope gave away a couple of tickets for the 15th June 2014 Velo Vintage event.

Trying and asking for one (just one) item to be given for a prize draw after the films is often about sending a few emails & hoping for a positive reply. Most of the time not even a “sorry, but no“. This won’t stop us asking! Promotional products do exist and are just doing the right job – a question of patience & time to organize/outreach potential brands.

However, there is still the ambition to push Exeter fixed gear and single speed community by hopefully being able to have group rides and other urban gathering.

But be reassured there won’t be bingo evenings with awkward prizes that no one wants.

Anyway… enjoy the British Summer…if there is one!


For info: Forthcoming #BikeFilmNight events won’t be free anymore. The reason is simple. Until now the space and use of equipment were free of charge – courtesy of Exeter Phoenix Digital Department.

OneGearExeter is not a business. The aim is not to make money but to cover some costs (projector, time given by Phoenix staff…etc). Part of the fee will also go to a Charity. Maximum price per ticket will be £5.00 for an evening of cycling dedicated films – something rather affordable for this regular social meetup & also keep Exeter on the cycling map. It is in a way important to show/know that not just London has good events.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.



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