Remember #BikeFilmNight November 2012 Feat. @Boikzmoind

One Gear Exeter first BikeFilmNight took place in November 2012.

Boikzmoind BikeFilmNight Poster Nov 2012

Since then two more evenings took place at the same location: Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre.

It is always a full house – the event is free. Seats are limited which makes it a rather intimate & cosy.  It is a social gathering about… cycles.

That first BikeFilmNight – back in November 2012 featured Boikzmoind. An odd title? Not at all… it all makes sense.

“…BÖIKZMÖIND is a 30 minute film about riding fixed gear bikes in beautiful city of Bristol, UK…”

So… all this to say that if you missed that particular screening; here is Boikzmoind in full length… enjoy that visual treat and thank you to Gavin Strange for his hardwork.

For your information: You can still purchase a hard copy of the film on DVD which comes with a 97-page photobook or purchase the digital download including a 20-minute making-of film.


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